Q.  What can I talk about?
A.  Anything! Whatever is troubling you, no subject is taboo, I am not here to judge.
Q.  How many sessions will I need?
A.  That’s a difficult one, everyone is different. Let's meet and think about what might work for you. Often we will agree on an initial number of sessions (say 6 or 12) and then review to see where we are and whether you feel more sessions would be beneficial for you.
Q.  Is it confidential?
A.  Essentially all of our work together will be confidential.
However, if I am concerned about serious harm to yourself or others I might feel the need to speak to another professional but will ask your permission first whenever possible. I am obliged, by law, to report any serious concerns I might have about any children at risk of harm or threats of terrorism, money laundering, drug trafficking and female genital mutilation.  Also, as required by the BACP code of ethics, I undertake regular supervision – where I talk about my caseload with another professional counsellor, your personal details will not be divulged to them at any time.
Q.  How will I know if it’s working?
A.  The changes will be subtle but the unconscious (and sometimes conscious) processes continue and gradually you will begin to notice less 'symptoms', you will feel freer, lighter and more comfortable with yourself.